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Toward a Digital Aesthetic:

the art of Yolanda Victoria Fundora

Available in paperback and on iBooks for your Apple devices. For iBook version search for Toward a Digital Aesthetic in the iBooks store.


This book delineates the exploration of one visual artist whose career has been devoted since 1985 to digital as the medium of choice for making art. Over 50 works are included with enlarged details of each to facilitate the understanding of digital art making: what makes it different from the traditional ways of making art, and why she embraced it wholeheartedly as soon as the technology matured sufficiently to meet the needs for unencumbered expression.

A Heart Imagining Itself

(and other tropical dreams)

A Journal for the Imagining Heart.

At the time these paintings were done I had just moved to New York City from San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I had a beautiful light-filled studio from which I could step out on the terrace and see the ocean. The immense shock of finding myself back in a northern climate and in one of the culturally densest metropolises of the world brought about profound changes in my work. I look back on this time as one looks back at a wonder-filled childhood when one dreamed dreams that an adult cannot comprehend. And I’m thankful that I could paint them to share with others and remember a very special time. 

In Collaboration with botanical writer and lecturer, Marta McDowell

A Garden Alphabetized

(for your viewing pleasure)

Images by Yolanda Fundora

Words by Marta McDowell


Come into our garden! This book of twenty-six images and twenty-six essays is for all lovers of flowers, art  and gardening. Two women, a digital artist and a writer, have created floral art and words that give a unique, personal tour of what it means to be a gardener.

Marta McDowell  is the author of Emily Dickinson's Gardens and Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life.


In Collaboration with poet Nemir Matos Cintrón

La mujeres no hablan así

Poems by Nemir Matos Cintrón

Images and book design by Yolanda V. Fundora


This very-hard-to-find artist portfolio was a landmark in the development of lesbian Puerto Rican poetry and visual arts. It is a true delight to learn that it has been reissued and expanded. Congratulations!


—Lawrence La Fountain-Stokes, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, author of Queer Ricans: Cultures and Sexualities in the Diaspora (2009)

El arte de morir y la pequeña muerte

Poems by Nemir Matos Cintrón

Images and book design by Yolanda V. Fundora


This books recovers, amplifies and actualizes a collaborative art and poetry installation at the Art Students League in Old San Juan in 1991.


El portafolio de arte y poesía: El Arte de Morir y la pequeña muerte es producto de una instalación de arte presentada en San Juan, Puerto Rico en el 1991.

En la instalación los poemas de Nemir Matos-Cintrón, colocados sobre una mesa de dibujo, compartían el espacio con las imagenes manipuladas via fotocopia por Yolanda Fundora. Yolanda invitó a Nemir a participar en la Instalación El Arte de Morir, en la cual declaraba la muerte del arte como un producto final, anclada en la visión del arte como proceso artístico. El titulo de instalación, El Arte de Morir, resonó en la poeta ya que le permitió honrar a sus amigos afectados por el SIDA, quienes convirtieron el proceso de morir en un arte de despedidas paulatinas. De ahí surgieron los poemas que hoy componen el espacio poético igualmente titulado: El Arte de Morir. Este portafolio incluye tanto el arte y los poemas de la instalación como nuevo arte digital y poemas recientes, producto de la reevaluación del trabajo original. Se incluyen además las contribuciones espontáneas de la poeta Ana Irma Lassén y el pintor Joaquín Reyes quienes visitaron la instalación.

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