Reports Confirmed


Reports Confirmed Series is a portfolio of digital images dealing with the my own experiences as a Cuban-American when confronted with the absurdities, contradictions and irrationalities of our dealings with the realities of Cuba today. Through this series I try to examine my at times uncomfortable, at times maddening, at times exhilarirating reactions to the news media when dealing with my native land.

I began to collect Cuban stamps and memorabilia out of a desire to create a book or work of some nature that would tell the history of Cuba through the tiny graphic jewels that are stamps. However such scholarly activity is not really in my nature. The alternative is this series, an attempt to recreate the history of my country from the perspective of one very bewildered individual that has heard a lot of contradictory tales and can only resort to what she can create for herself as the verifiable facts.


This series was requested for the Permanent Collection by the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Puerto Rico, San Juan, P.R. after the show "Toward a Digital Aesthetic- the art of Yolanda V. Fundora" that took place there from November 2005 to January 2006.

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