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God Is in the details:Images of the everyday

There is so much beauty and intererest  just about anywhere you rest your eye and take the time to truly look. These moment of deep immersion in the details of the common place are the closest I experience to what I could call a meditative state.

If you wish to purchase an unframed poster print simply send me an email at: Image is 10" x 10" on a 12" x 12" archival acid free paper.

Some of these prints are particularly beautiful on brushed aluminum where the metal is allowed to come through the highlights.

That is how I display them for myself in my home.

They are available up to 40" square framed or unframed.

Others in the series I would recommend printed under acrylic which gives them a real brilliance.

I would be happy to speak too you about any of the above and provide you with specific quotes at

Click on the images to get a better view and start the slideshow on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

On an iPhone, click on an image and the swipe left or right to see slideshow. Tap to reveal image title.​ 

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